Omega-3 Test


Omega-3 DHA is an important nutrient for development of baby at pre-natal stage. Sometimes even the most apparently healthy mothers, who maintain good dietary habits, may be deficient of Omega-3 DHA due to either low intake or Gastrointestinal Malabsorption. In such cases, the baby may be receiving less-than-optimal supply of Omega-3 DHA. The only way to know whether your Omega-3 DHA levels are satisfactory or need to be increased for your baby to receive adequate supply is through a laboratory test.

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Omega-3 DHA is an important nutrient required for optimal development of your baby’s Brain, Retina and Immune System. The baby’s body does not produce Omega-3 DHA on its own.

During pregnancy and till end of lactation period, the mother is the only source of Omega-3 DHA for the baby. Omega-3 DHA is an essential Fatty Acid, or in simple words, a very important “nutrient” needed for an optimal development of human body, especially in early stages of life. Substantial part of Central Nervous System and Brain Development happens during the second & third trimester of pregnancy and continues through the lactation period. Omega-3 DHA plays a crucial role in this. It also plays a crucial role in reducing likelihood of Attention Deficit Disorder, helps better Cognitive Development, I.Q. Development and Vision Development of the baby.


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