Nutritional Analysis Test


Nutritional imbalance is a root cause of wide range of health issues ranging from weight to even psychiatric problems. Metabolism Testing and Monitoring helps track such imbalances. The test is specifically important to people who are: – Going for a weight reduction program (Dieting, Heavy Exercises, Special Supplements, etc.) – Busy with career and do not have a balanced dietary intake topped by a sedentary lifestyle. – Nutritional imbalances despite consumption of vitamins, proteins, minerals and maintaining fitness activities like gyming and exercises.

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There is a multitude of “chemical reactions” in the human body, which continuously keep converting the components of your diet in a form that can be used by your body. If these “chemical reactions” do not work properly for some reason, the conversion will not be appropriate and may lead to unhealthy consequences.

A general feeling of being unhealthy can have its “root cause” in one or many of those countless chemical reactions not working properly in your body. “Metabolites” act as markers which reveal about your current health conditions as a reflection of the problems with your metabolism.

The way your current diet and lifestyle affect your metabolism is apparent in the level of metabolites. These markers when studied by the metabolic fingerprinting test tell you about the required changes in the way you live or what you eat, to ensure an improvement in the health condition(s). Just like your fingerprint is unique to you, even your metabolic profile is unique to you. This stands true despite commonality in genetic or other aspects. Hence the term “Metabolic Fingerprinting”.

The GenoRoot – Nutritional Metabolism Test helps you identify the weaknesses in your metabolism and help you overcome by implementing simple measures like – alteration of your diet, increase the intake of certain vitamin(s) or add other essential nutrient(s). By correcting root problems shown in your test results, your doctor or dietician will be able to improve your body’s ability to stay fit and healthy by the way of suggesting and implementing simple measures. This approach has shown to improve health conditions ranging from lose muscle tone, to a constant feeling of chronic fatigue. The test is comprehensive and it can help reduce even the risk of heart disease, obesity, fatigue and similar several fateful health consequences of a faulty metabolism. Once the root causes are handled and main imbalances are set right, you will be able to maintain and continue a good health.


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